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I’m Chad Daniel and I know all too well the impact of suicide on the lives of those who are left behind. You see my own father took his life through suicide and I know the pain of what that did to my own life and to my family. I can never bring him back but I can help tell others that suicide is NEVER the answer. Our website is full of helpful material and links to those facing depression and those struggling with self destructive thoughts. You can get the victory and we want to help you overcome these attacks against your mind. Please watch the two videos we produced in Japan on this subject, one called “Sea of Trees” and the other called “Samurai.” Also consider inviting me to your high school, your city or your community to do a “Life Event.” It will change the atmosphere where you live and make a difference in the lives of those struggling with this issue. Know that there is hope and there are answers, hopefully some of them you will find on this site, but please remember that suicide is NEVER the answer.