Objective of a Life Event:

  • Spread awareness of this tough topic.
  • Provide a point of ministry to those at risk.
  • Deal with the deceptions that lead to suicide.
  • Open up the conversation so that those who need help can get it.
  • Provide ongoing resources.

Do a Life Event in 7 steps:

  • Set a realistic date and location to host your event.
  • Register your event here.
  • Download the full Media Kit and Press Kit.
  • Use the press release, posters, flyers and your own channels to promote the event.
  • Listen to the audio of Chad’s first Life Event or read the transcript to get ideas for your event.
  • Mobilize parents, workers and leaders to help with response to the event.
  • Consider using YouthBytes’ Get on Fire materials to continue the impact following the event.

Register for Your Life Event

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