The life event idea came because our home church, The Rock Church & World Outreach Center in San Bernardino, California, decided to have a night dedicated to dealing with the topic of suicide. Posters were put up in the youth bathrooms and video and print promotions were done. Hundreds came out that night and I showed them the shortened 15 min video clip of the Sea of Trees. I then shared my own story and you can download my words from that night from a link that is on this website. The results were nothing less than staggering, over 200 young people packed the altars, many of them weeping tears. It was a watershed night and it opened up the eyes and ears of the students to deal with this topic.

On this site, we are providing you all that you would need to do a life event in your church or community. The press kit, media kit and even the 15 minute Sea of Trees video are all downloadable for free. Simply follow the guidelines on the site and you can run your own Life Event. Some groups may want to invite me to do a life event in your area. I am going to try to free up my schedule to do as many of these as I can over the next year. We want to see life events happen in schools, in churches, in community centers, on television, radio and through the print media.

We also want to not only do an event but also to follow that event with meaningful resources that can be used to establish young people in their faith, to create spiritual formation in them and to ground them in truth. We have spent years developing such materials and those resources can be found at our YouthBytes website. I especially recommend our Spiritual Formation series as being a great place to start.