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Japan’s suicide forest, The Sea of Trees, is a catalyst for a Global anti-suicide campaign. 

Redlands, CA  December 19, 2014— The host of a California based youth television show, aired on over 800 channels around the globe, announced this week that his organization is launching a year long campaign to confront the issue of suicide. The campaign was birthed after recording a TV documentary in Japan’s Sea of Trees. The Sea of Trees (Aeokigahara Jukai Forest) lies at the base of Mt. Fuji and has a reputation for being one of the most popular places globally to commit suicide.

Chad Daniel, who hosts the YouthBytes television program, is generally known for his comedic personality but focuses many of his shows at dealing with issues facing teenagers. After releasing Sea of Trees, Chad recognized that the topic of suicide is shrouded in fear and shame and many parents and leaders choose not to talk about it or feel ill equipped to do so. Chad is challenging schools, radio stations, community centers, churches and television stations to have what he calls Life Events. These events are specifically designed to confront the deception behind suicide and expose this epidemic in the lives of young people.

These life-changing events are also being held in Brazil, India, South Africa, Swaziland and Hong Kong. Thousands of teens have responded to the call to choose life. Although Chad will avail himself to speak at most of these, he is asking leaders to use the 15-minute version of the Sea of Trees video, (available for download at and utilize the pattern of what he shared, to do their own Life Event. The objective of these events is to provide an honest and open communication on this topic and to provide a safe environment for people struggling with suicidal thoughts to get support and help.

Chad is making himself available throughout 2015 to heighten exposure on this issue, to do radio, television and print interviews and to participate in as many Life Events as his schedule allows. For more information on this campaign and Life Events, you can go to YouthBytes is looking for corporate and individual sponsors for these outreaches, people willing to donate time and resources towards this much-needed cause. Chad Daniel can be contacted at

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