Young people today are facing many challenges. We as parents, pastors, teachers and youth leaders need to do everything we can to protect them, particularly when it comes to the issue of suicide. This is an epidemic that is destroying millions of lives globally, and there are very few voices that are willing to directly confront it.

The ministry of Chad Daniel has a unique message that addresses this topic head-on. His Life Event programs are specifically designed to confront this self-destructive behavior in the lives of young people.

We have had the opportunity to host a Life Event with Chad at our campus here in Cape Town. The message of hope and life in Christ, combined with Chad’s personal testimony, not only captivated the audience. I was deeply moved by the immense number of people who responded to his call to embrace life. Hundreds of young and old acknowledged that they needed God to intervene in this darkened, shame-filled area of their lives. It was a wake-up call for our church, revealing that we as a global body need to do more to expose the lies behind suicide, and begin a dialogue of truth with those still at risk.

I want to encourage you to participate with Chad in this global campaign against suicide. There are countless young people in your community who desperately need to hear this message of LIFE and be set free.

In Christ

Phil & Lucinda Dooley
Lead Pastors
Hillsong Church Cape Town
The Rock Church World and Outreach Center